Project Description

With more parents wanting an direct and active part in theIr children's education, it is no wonder that both homeschooling and unschooling are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. We work along with two separate families, facilitating a garden group at the children's own homes. Our experience in growing food can help to supplement the children's learning and help to build a desire for the outdoors, as well as an interest in the environmental world around them. Our approach to each family is tailored to their needs and we happily work along with parents and children together in their own garden.

The parents of one lovely group of children who are taught at home, wanted their kids to learn more about growing food. Every week in the busy gardening months we sow seeds, plant out, and harvest. The children are very excited to cook with their very own garden produce.

Even when the weather is bad, there is still so much that can be explored while learning indoors; the earths orbit in space and how it's tilt causes our seasons, the different kinds of weather and how we can learn to predict it, how plants make food for themselves and seeds for next year, are but a few of the things that we have studied with our Space to Grow children's garden group.

Core Points

  • Growing organic food
  • Gardening with children
  • Social group setting
  • Mixed ages
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