Project Description

It all started when my little sister asked me to help with the flowers for her upcoming wedding. We played around with different garden flower designs and loved every one. The flowers for her day were beautiful, and we believed this was because they were home-grown garden flowers. Like flowers should be!

Organically grown garden flowers are confidently crafted into stunning beautiful arrangements. To guarantee results, we have developed some tricks to make the bouquets last all day long. As in the early days of the project with my sister, we encourage the bride to be involved in the design and construction of the arrangements, even collecting and picking flowers that she will then use for her special wedding day. This year so far, we had alot of pinks as you'll notice from our pictures. We work with all colours under the rainbow, so just get in touch to let us know what colours you'd like for your big day. Click here to let us know.

Core Points

  • Modern Eco-minded brides
  • Workshop learning
  • Group setting for friends and family 
  • Organically grown flowers
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