Introducing the new look of Space to Grow

Introducing the new look of Space to Grow

So it was long overdue, and had become such a big deal in our little business heads... but Space to Grow needed a logo, and a brand. As a small local business, this was to be exciting times indeed.

Strandhill based marketing and branding hero, Jacinta Collins of AnamJ, was the perfect solution. A quietly confident, all-ears artist, with a strong respect for symmetry like myself! You know when you go to the hairdressers, show them a picture of what you'd like, and they do their own thing anyways.. did they even listen to you at all..? That had been my past experience with designers as well. Well, AnamJ was far from this - in fact the opposite. Plenty of time, plenty of designs until we got to the finished products... exciting process indeed.

Space to Grow started as a very small seed, that grew up around a busy family life, and evolved with time over a few years. When a business is started in this way, it can be difficult to have ever properly 'branded' the business. We would be out in the mud, digging raised beds, moving barrows of soil around, and out marching across fields and visiting new potential social garden projects...all great, but in this busy working week, the brand wasn't always getting the attention it deserved. Anyways, that time has past, we are now delighted with our new look, new logo, and new identity. 

Now to order stamps, labels, stickers.. you name it..

Hoping you like it as much as we do...

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