Hen Parties for Days...

Hen Parties for Days...

So your sister, or maybe your best friend is getting married, and you have the stressful job of organising the hen party. Where to start...? You've got to please a whole group of people, likely all very different from each others. Some super active, and sports mad, some not so. Others really creative and crafty, while another group, wouldn't be into that at all. You might have a variety of abilities, not to mention ages, as young work colleagues, as well as the 'mothers-of' will all be there. So its not an easy job.

Well, worry no more, and search no further, as we believe we offer a perfect solution! Book one of our Flower Crown Workshops, and let us help create the perfect occasion with a group of friends. 

So maybe you've read other blog posts about our Flower Crown Workshop, so we won't go over it all again. Just as a reminder, and to simplify... We will travel all over Ireland. We provide all needed equipment. We always use fresh flowers, usually garden flowers, grown in our garden to organic standards. We will do a full set-up as well as tidy away of workshop afterwards. And we work along with a selection of cafes, galleries, and restaurants in Sligo and Galway, providing packages for lunch or supper club dinners. Enough said.

If you would like us to email details, as well as prices to you today, hit the contact us link here.

Heres a lovely recent review from one of our Hen and Stag Sligo (one of our package providers in Sligo town) customers... 

"I can't explain how perfect the floral crown making activity was. Sophie had the whole room in the hotel decorated and it looked stunning. Her attention to detail was amazing, I would highly reccommend her services! The crowns were a great talking point out in town that night! Each and everyone one of us had an unreal time. I will be shouting about your services to all future hens. Now back to normality until the wedding!"


The Space to Grow team are really looking forward to hearing from you!

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