Featured in the Sligo Champion local newspaper

Featured in the Sligo Champion local newspaper

Learning has never been more fun with a social gardening project at a Sligo family's home. This unique education forms part of organic horticulturalist Sophie Skinner's latest project: she's set up a gardening group for homeschooled children to teach them about plants,vegetables, and the natural world around us. Having studied Organic Horticulture, she's now a passionate practitioner of 'social gardening: "I guess social gardening is about getting people together. I work with quite a few different groups,of different ages, abilities and needs but this children's group is one of my favourites," she told the Sligo Champion. "The aim of the garden group here was to supplement the education from home-schooling that their mother is already doing with them."

"I come on a Tuesday morning, we sow and plant things and then come up with jobs that the children will do whenever they want to through the week. The children have sole responsibility for the garden, so they look after it all week when I'm not here."

Daniel (12), the eldest boy proudly pointed out their produce so far this season. "We 're growing courgettes, carrots, cucumbers, squash, beetroot, lettuce, spinach, spring onions, peas, garlic, broad beans and potatoes. Whenever we feel like it we can just come outside and pick some strawberries. Or if we need a lettuce or beetroot for a salad we don't need to go to the shops, we just come out and grab it." he added.

Sophie works with another private home schooled family in Sligo and believes that social gardening has enormous benefits for children. "Here gardening is fun and the children learn responsibility."

This was a small piece from the article written by the newspaper, featuring the garden growing project. If you have a small piece of garden that you would like to grow some food in then do get i touch with us here.

Likewise, perhaps you have a community group already formed, or would like advice on forming a small community garden. Just let us know what you had in mind, we would be delighted to hear from you.

We would like to thank the Sligo Champion for giving us their time and an opportunity to showcase our work to the Sligo community.

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