Welcome to Space to Grow

Welcome to Space to Grow

Welcome to the new Space to Grow Website! As we have always been more focused on earthy things like soil and plants, this website is really something new for Space to Grow.

The organic revolution has been underway for some decades now. Thankfully millions of people now see the benefits of buying organically produced food. The production of this food means a better life for everyone involved,from worker to consumer.

Even more pro-active are those who are growing their own food on a non-commercial level. In recent years however, social gardening has become beneficial for more than simply growing food. By working in a group - social gardening, people will be developing skills that could have been lost due to ill healthageing or even a disadvantaged upbringing. Space to Grow offer to coordinate and manage these groups. You will see throughout the website, examples of just some of the social gardening projects that Space to Grow are happily involved with. The aim of the blog is to further the knowledge of these projects, to hopefully start more. This will be primarily on a local level initially. However, through our blog with a loud national and international shout, we aim to spread some ideas and inspire that needed confidence for anyone interested in starting a garden group. This goes out to any community and social groups, as well as therapeutic units, schools or residential areas, that are considering improving their community through the medium of gardening.

The Space to Grow blog will also follow the growing season, providing horticultural tips on what to do and when. Sowing seed, taking cuttings, planting and propagating, tasks that keep the gardeners and enthusiasts busy all season must be done at the right times. Therefore, blogs and updates from professionals are always welcome advice.

Please bear with us as we learn the ropes, and how to navigate our way through this technical venture. We would love to hear any ideas or feedback that you may have. Look forward to hearing from you!

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